Tested …


A recent Tested podcast.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tested, the website and YouTube channel, you should be.

Interested in watching or listening to an interesting podcast full of stories, insight, suggestions and topics ranging from film to writers to watches to whatever, Tested might be your cup of tea.

Lean toward techie culture (such as it is), they have you covered. Hosts Will and Norm often work with Adam Savage and occasionally Jamie Hyneman, the hosts of Mythbusters, as well as other people that orbit the “Maker” universe. The breadth and depth of the people they interact with and things they cover are some of the best aspects of the show that can’t be overstated.

My first introduction to Tested was 6-8 months ago when I was looking to purchase a tablet and I was doing some research on various makes and models. While a friend first suggested the tablet I ended up purchasing, the comprehensive Tested review sold me on the product. Not only did they provide a technical perspective, more importantly to me, they demonstrated and focused on many of the everyday benefits and pitfalls I might expect to run into. It’s that honesty and genuine interest that both hosts exude that fosters my trust in their reviews and interest in the channel.

The perfect example of what I’m referring to can be found in a 4-part series on building a custom desk. The project involved Will designing and fabricating a desk from the ground up and included learning welding and carpentry skills along the way. Just as in the real world, the results were mixed although the desk seemed to come out rather well. In the videos that totaled approximately 2 hours you get a glimpse into the successes and failures Will stumbled upon while building the desk. While you can argue that it’s not a strict “How To” set of videos, they’re not meant to be so – that’s the point.

Learning how to do something can be messy. It can be frustrating and there’s a real chance it just won’t work. The people behind Tested have embraced that and seem to revel in the results, something I think we all need to do.


Adam, Jamie, Norm and Will


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