Home sweet home

05_gallery_typewriterWelcome. Please feel free to look around and leave a comment.

If you’re needing to contact me go to the “About” page where you’ll find my email address and other information.

There are a number of reasons I’m setting up and running this website. Part of it has to do with feeling the need to express myself on a irregular basis. Among the outlets available to me – graffiti, weapons-play or miming – this seemed the least dangerous.

My interests vary a great deal as you will see. Frankly, I’m not sure if this is due to my eclectic nature or my lack of self-discipline. The two probably go hand-in-hand. For those of you who don’t know me, my background is in the newspaper business where I’ve been a copy editor and graphic designer. I was also a reporter, but that only lasted long enough for me to relies I wasn’t a very good reporter … it’s an interesting story I might write about on the blog.

Ahh a segue, please check out my blog. It’s really the focal point of this effort and something I’m becoming more and more passionate about.

As always, thanks.

I am, I hope, never offensive by accident. – Christopher Hitchens